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November 21, 2003
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An Apple's Guardian by darklyartistic An Apple's Guardian by darklyartistic
(Apple story contd) As the forest sisters reached thier cottage gently giggling as they entered they rushed to the table. They placed the apple gently upon the table and began to stare at it steadily. "Ha, I knew it! This apple contains a prophecy." Being that the weird sisters pride themselves of thier inner eye they grabbed the apple and rushed out the door, where a tall tower stood by the cottage. Chained to the top of the tower stood what appeared to be an angel, but of course this was no angel since angels are earth bound, this was a magnificent creature called a Linneseal, they are known to be great Oracles, but they very rarely let there secrets our. So the forest sisters had kept this creature in hopes of one day providing them wisdom. The wierd sister yanked on the chain of the Linneseal as it flew down to them. They shoved the apple into the Linneseal's hand."You will watch over this and reveal it's prhophecy" said the sisters coldly, as they yanked the chain once more throwning the Linneseal upon the ground. So now there stands the Linneseal upon her stand, chained but now with company of the apple.

Lol, ummmm yeh I got carried

Well this was for the feature me contest. BUt I needed a print right away for my final so I had to submit it so now i will probably be disqualified not like I would have won anyway, and I guess I dont need more recognition, it was probably shallow for me to enter anyway. Also I emailed the judges to ask them if I could submit the picture since I had already emailed the picture in, and of course I have had no reply, so oh well:(. But I really hope you all like it. OH and Happy Turkey Day!
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Verdois Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005
It's wonderful.
lagopus Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2004
Story reminds me of Terry Pratchett.
retrodude88 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2004
Incredible, absolutely INCREDIBLE!
Wow, so Emotively gloomy and Gothic, I don't know of any artwork ever made by ANYONE that tops this, how do you pay for the prints?
darklyartistic Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2004
pay for the prints? hmmmmm, I think they only take credit cards,but I am not sure, well thankyou so so much that is quite the compliment!!!!!
tingilya Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2004
wow! you have so beautiful drawings here! I cant figure out how to draw like that. you have such a talent. admire it :)
opacus-somnium Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2004
I love everything about this :), the dress especially, though. The details on everything are amazing. Ah, I just love it. When I get some $, this'll be the print I'll buy :D
ladymorgana Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2004  Professional Photographer
that's very beautiful :)
messina Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2004
shes beautiful! her hair is amazing!
ofira Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2004
so dramatic... and so beautifull
i love it!!!!!!!!!!!
Manoreiel Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2004
It's so and so amazing and beautiful... love it!
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